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The Latest: Search for missing European climbers called off

Mar 6, 2019

The Latest: Pakistani official says Spanish-Pakistani rescue team has called off search for missing European climbers.

Drones search for Italian, Briton missing on Pakistan peak

Mar 6, 2019

Drones are being used in the search for 2 European climbers missing more than a week on the world's ninth-highest mountain

Nepal expects more Everest climbers after China sets limits

Feb 26, 2019

Nepal is expecting more climbers to try to scale its side of Mount Everest in coming weeks after China said it would limit attempts from the northern side

Indian court orders 1 million to vacate forest land

Feb 22, 2019

India's top court has ordered more than a dozen states to evict nearly 1 million people from forest land as they have failed to prove ownership claims.

AP Interview: Maldives ex-president says debt under audit

Feb 14, 2019

AP Interview: Ex-Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed says the country is seeking to reduce the more than $3 billion he estimates it could owe China, some of which he says came in the form of "ill-gotten wealth"

Third of Himalayan glaciers can no longer be saved: study

Feb 6, 2019

Study warns one-third of Himalayan glaciers will melt by the end of the century due to climate change even if current efforts to reduce climate change succeed, and the loss will be far greater if efforts fail

In Iran, parched lands hollowed by water pumping now sinking

Jan 24, 2019

Around Iran's capital, parched lands hollowed by excessive water pumping are now dramatically sinking

Volkswagen says it will pay Indian fine even as it appeals

Jan 18, 2019

Volkswagen Group says it will pay a fine of 1 billion rupees ($14.2 million) imposed by India for installing software on vehicles that allegedly cheated pollution testing devices, though it is still appealing the order

Avalanche in Kashmir Himalayas kills 3, leaves 7 missing

Jan 18, 2019

Avalanche at a Himalayan mountain pass in Indian-controlled Kashmir has killed three people and left another seven missing

Landslide engulfs Pakistani bus with workers, killing 8

Jan 15, 2019

Police: Landslide triggered by rains engulfs bus carrying workers on a dam, kills 8 in northwestern Pakistan

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