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Pakistan official: 2 dead, 5 missing after boat sinks in sea

Aug 22, 2018

A Pakistani official says at least two anglers drowned and five others were missing after their boat sank in rough waters in the Arabian Sea off the coast of southwestern Baluchistan province

Flash flood sweeps away 11 picnickers in India

Aug 15, 2018

An official says at least 11 people have been swept away by a flash flood while picnicking at a waterfall in central India

Pakistan: Russian climber rescued, another dies on glacier

Jul 31, 2018

Pakistan's military rescues Russian climber stranded on peak after his partner fell to his death last week

Bus falls into gorge in western India; 33 feared dead

Jul 28, 2018

An official says 33 people are feared dead after a bus fell into a deep gorge in western India

Indian mob lynches woman on rumors of child kidnapping

Jul 24, 2018

Police say a woman was lynched in central India on rumors that she was part of a gang that kidnapped children, days after the country's highest court called for immediate steps to control deadly mob violence

Mob lynches Muslim man over cow smuggling charges in India

Jul 21, 2018

Police say a Muslim man has been beaten to death by a mob in western India over allegations of cow smuggling, the latest in a series of lynching by violent mobs in the country

Melting of glacier causes flash floods in Pakistan's north

Jul 20, 2018

Pakistani officials say the melting of a glacier has unleashed landslides and floods in the country's northern district of Ghizer, inundating dozens of homes and displacing hundreds of people

Rivers dry and fields dust, Iranian farmers turn to protest

Jul 19, 2018

Farmers in central Iran turn to protests as drought, government mismanagement of water destroy their livelihoods

Boulder falls on people bathing at Kashmir waterfall; 7 dead

Jul 15, 2018

Police say at least seven people were killed and 22 others injured in Indian-controlled Kashmir when a boulder rolled down from a mountain and fell on local tourists bathing at a waterfall

Canadian climber dies in fall on Pakistan's treacherous K2

Jul 7, 2018

A Pakistan official says the Canadian leader of an international mountaineering expedition has fallen to his death on the country's K2 mountain, often considered the world's most difficult to climb

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