Bishop Redfern II NANOE Nominations Board of Governors Nominee Email

Bishop Redfern II, National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives, Board Chairman will open nominations for NANOE's 2018 Board of Governors on August 8, 2017. Executives from across the nation will be informed via Nominee's Email.

Washington, United States - July 17, 2017 /PressCable/ —

Bishop Redfern II, NANOE’s Board Chair and Nominations Co-Chair, announced today that the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives will distribute a Board of Governors’ Nominee’s Email on August 8, 2017 informing charitable leaders of their pending appointment to NANOE’s 2018 Board of Governors.

NANOE’s 2018 Board of Governors will be tasked with performing a comprehensive review of New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit – Second Edition. This assignment will require contributions from a wide-array of industry professionals from all stations within the public, private and charitable sectors. Vendors, CEOs, staff members, administrators, donors, board members and clergy who work or volunteer in the human welfare, education, healthcare, arts, animals, environmental and/or public benefit sectors have been nominated.

To MAKE or ACCEPT a nomination to NANOE’s Board of Governors nominators or nominees may visit

When asked, “Why New Guidelines?” Bishop Redfern II replied, “The nonprofit sector has failed to address the major social and environmental ills it was designed to confront. There’s more hunger, homelessness, mental illness, substance abuse, poverty than ever before. Charities are content to reach only a few rather than having the courage to design heroic missions that truly impact their community, county, state, nation or world.” He went on to say, “Charities continue to decline because of their addiction to outdated organizational structures and best practices that haven’t worked in decades. It’s mind-boggling. It’s like the English speaker who goes to a foreign country and thinks they’ll be better understood if they speak louder, say the same words over and over again, but slower!”

To learn more about Bishop Redfern II visit

According to its preface, New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit – Second Edition is based on the premise that the charitable sector needs major organizational structural and operational change. Readers of New Guidelines will discover that high-performing nonprofit executives have become entirely frustrated with the current set of industry standards which no longer remain relevant and have not kept up with the new demands of the 21st century.

Contact Info:
Name: Kathleen Robinson
Organization: National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives
Address: 712 H Street Northeast, Washington, DC 20002, United States
Phone: +1-800-257-6670

For more information, please visit

Source: PressCable

Release ID: 217860

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