Dependable Homebuyers Starts Real Estate Information Campaign to Educate Buyers, Sellers, and Agents in Fort Myers

July 17, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ -

Dependable Homebuyers, a nationwide real estate investment firm, has started an information campaign for buyers, sellers and agents in Fort Myers. The initiative is focused on helping buyers and sellers understand the local real estate market. There are national trends that cover a vast canvas but they do not reflect the circumstances accurately as the market conditions vary among states and cities. The macro scenario in Fort Myers also does not reflect the true picture or the ground realities of every neighborhood and all types of properties. It is imperative for sellers and buyers to be aware of the local market conditions so they can set the right kind of expectations. Read the recent press release they published at

The information campaign initiated by Evan Roberts and his team at the We Buy Houses company is split into two parts. There are video blogs being produced and released online that shed light on the actual scenarios across neighborhoods in Fort Myers. There are articles highlighting key issues and trends across the city and the surrounding areas. The video blogs and the articles are supposed to help buyers and sellers develop an understanding of the local real estate market. Their growing familiarity should help them in their quest to buy or sell houses in Fort Myers.

The consultants at Dependable Homebuyers have been assisting homeowners for over half a decade now. Roberts and his team specialize in evaluating residential properties. They are also direct buyers. They acquire houses directly from owners and pay in cash. They make purchase offers following an inspection and can close sales immediately. As a part of the core operations, the consultants have routinely assisted homeowners to find out the fair values of their houses. Sellers have also explored opportunities to expedite the sale. Dependable Homebuyers has a few tools available on their official website that can help buyers and sellers in their respective quests. Such resources are also available for agents and anyone interested in the real estate sector in Fort Myers.

Roberts says that buyers have distinct preferences and these vary depending on the type of property, its location and the present condition. Sellers also have certain needs. These preferences of buyers and the needs or goals of sellers are not identical or even similar in some cases. The differences should be studied so a buyer or seller knows when to make the right move. The videos and blog posts are aimed at simplifying the process of buying and selling. People must know the fair price range for different types of properties. It is necessary for sellers to know how the market is shaping up to gauge what kind of response their listings will get. Buyers should know the market factors to know when they can press forth with their negotiation and how they can identify the better deals.

Homeowners who want a quick sale can contact Evan Roberts and his team at Dependable Homebuyers. The investment firm provides nonobligatory cash offers and can complete sales within seven days.


For more information about Dependable Homebuyers Fort Myers, contact the company here:

Dependable Homebuyers Fort Myers
Evan Roberts
(239) 232-3420
9540 Mariners Cove Ln, Fort Myers, FL 33919

ReleaseID: 60029581

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