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Endometrial Carcinoma is a common form of cancer of the female reproductive system that initiates in the lining of the uterus. According to the American Cancer Society, endometrial cancer is also the most common cancer of the female reproductive organs in the US. About 60,050 new cases of cancer of uterus were estimated to be diagnosed during 2016, and about 10,470 women died from cancers of the uterine body during the same year.Early detection of endometrial cancer helps in the selection of proper treatment options. Endometrial Cancer can be treated by one or combination of therapies, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, and surgery. Most of the physicians generally recommend combination treatments because chemotherapy alone has conventionally been deemed ineffective. Furthermore, adjuvant radiation therapy is ideal in patients who have diagnosed with Stage I or II endometrial cancer. Radiation Therapy is also recommended in patients who have undergone the surgery to avoid the relapse of endometrial cancer.

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According to the RNCOS report entitled “Global Endometrial Cancer Therapeutics Market By Therapy (Chemotherapy, Hormone Therapy, Radiation Therapy, Surgery), By Enduser (Research Institutes, Hospitals & Clinics), & Pipeline Analysis, Outlook to 2023”, the Endometrial Cancer therapeutics market is poised to reach approximately US$ 27 Billion by 2023. In this report, there is in-depthmarket analysis as well as market segmentation of global endometrial cancer therapeutics. The market potential of endometrial cancer therapeutic drugsisestimated considering that these are being tested in clinical trials for endometrial cancer, besides the ones which have already been approved. The depictedendometrial cancer therapeutic drugsare expected to show their complete market potential soon in the coming years.

Furthermore, in this report we have structured the information on epidemiology of endometrial cancer in the world. The report also covers pipeline analysis of endometrial cancer therapeutic drugs at various stages of clinical development that are under research or in collaboration, and those individually being developed by companies. Moreover, our report places an emphasis on the major drivers and challenges, latest trends and developments,as well as strategic collaborations that can impact industry’s growth.

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In the end, the report enlists some of the key players in the Endometrial Cancer Therapeutics market including business overview of each player along with their product and pipeline portfolios, recent developments, and comparative analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.Conclusively, the report will prove to be a complete and comprehensive source of knowledge and analysis for clients and potential investors or debut makers in this industry.

Major Points From The Table Of Contents:
Analyst View
Research Methodology
Endometrial Cancer - Epidemiology & Risk Factors
Endometrial Cancer Therapeutics - An Introduction
Market Dynamics
Endometrial Cancer Therapeutics Market Outlook to 2023
Market Segmentation
Endometrial Cancer Therapeutic Drugs Pipeline Analysis
Trends and Developments
Strategic Mergers & Collaborations in the Endometrial Cancer Therapeutics Industry
Competitive Assessment

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List of Figures:
Figure 3-1: Estimated Age-specific Incidence & Mortality Rates for Endometrial Cancer, 2016
Figure 4-1: Endometrial Cancer Therapeutic Drugs - Mechanism of Action
Figure 5-1: Global Healthcare Spending (Billion US$), 2015 & 2020
Figure 5-2: Healthcare Spending by Region (Billion US$), 2015 & 2020
Figure 6-1: Global - Endometrial Cancer Therapeutics Market (Billion US$), 2016-2023
Figure 7-1: Global - Endometrial Cancer Therapeutics Market by Therapy (%), 2016
Figure 7-2: Global - Endometrial Cancer Chemotherapy Market (Billion US$), 2016 & 2023
Figure 7-3: Global - Endometrial Cancer Hormone Therapy Market (Billion US$), 2016 & 2023
Figure 7-4: Global - Endometrial Cancer Radiation Therapy Market (Billion US$), 2016 & 2023
Figure 7-5: Global - Endometrial Cancer Surgery Market (Billion US$), 2016 & 2023
Figure 7-6: Global - Endometrial Cancer Therapeutics Market by End Users (%), 2016
Figure 7-7: Global - Endometrial Cancer Therapeutics Market by Research Institutes (Billion US$), 2016 & 2023
Figure 7-8: Global - Endometrial Cancer Therapeutics Market by Hospitals (Billion US$), 2016 & 2023

List of Tables:
Table 6-1: Potential Patients for Endometrial Cancer Therapeutics, 2015, 2020 & 2025
Table 8-1: Industrial Endometrial Cancer Therapeutic Drugs Pipeline
Table 8-2: Research Collaborations Endometrial Cancer Therapeutic Drugs Pipeline
Table 10-1: Strategic Mergers & Collaborations in Endometrial Cancer Therapeutics Industry, 2014-2016
Table 11-1: Top Companies by Endometrial Cancer Therapeutic Drugs in Pipeline (2016)
Table 11-2: Bayer AG - Endometrial Cancer Therapeutic Drugs in Pipeline
Table 11-3: Bayer AG - Key Financials (Million US$), 2014-2016
Table 11-4: F. Hoffman La Roche Ltd. - Endometrial Cancer Therapeutic Drugs in Pipeline
Table 11-5: F. Hoffman La Roche Ltd. - Key Financials (Million US$), 2014-2016

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