Top notched water damage repair in Colorado Springs from Top Gun Restoration

Water damage repair in Colorado Springs is recently on the rise this Spring due to rainy weather and leaky pipes in older model homes and apartments.

Colorado Springs, United States - April 23, 2019 /PressCable/ —

Col. Springs, Colorado- Believe it or not. Water damage can be the most destructive form of property damage. Statistics from ServPro of College Park reveals that billions of dollars in property losses are spent each year due to water damage. In addition, about 20 percent of all insurance claims are related to water damage of some kind. Water damage can be caused by the following:

· Frozen pipes

· Leaking pipes

· Leaky roof

· Broken washing machine hose

· Plumbing problems

· Insulation issues

Whatever is the source of water damage, it could lead to a great deal of losses not only to property but also to the furniture and other contents. The losses will only pile up unless something is done about it. For water damage repair Colorado Springs, let Top Gun Restoration take care of the problem.

Top Gun Restoration believes in being transparent with customers. It is dedicated to educating customers with what they can expect throughout the project. For water damage, the process starts with inspection & damage assessment. After determining the extent of the damage, water removal & extraction commences. All unsalvageable materials will be removed. Drying & dehumidification is performed next followed by daily checks. Next will be cleaning & sanitizing then reconstruction.

If the damage is coming from water from the basement, Top Gun Restoration will offer water proofing products. Each customer is different so the company will customize its job based on customer needs. Water in the basement can be a nuisance and something that homeowners would not want to deal with on a continuous basis. As one of the top restoration companies in Colorado Springs, Top Gun can help in this aspect.

Why choose Top Gun?

Top Gun Restoration is dedicated to providing its customers with “Exceptional Experience.” It employs trained and certified technicians that know industry standards. The business utilizes heavy duty and specialized equipment. Water damage professionals have the knowledge of where the water hides and can ensure that there will be nothing left behind to further create health hazards. Top Gun responds quickly to calls to lessen overall costs. The business also performs mold remediation and asbestos testing to make your home safe again.

Working with Top Gun Restoration will give customers peace of mind. It is a fully licensed and insured contractor that is recognized and hailed as a top performer in its industry. It is ICCRC certified and accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. More importantly, it provides a high level of service that goes beyond expectations.

Top Gun provides 24/7 water damage & restoration services. Its office is located at 5925 Paonia Ct., Colorado Springs, CO 80915. For consultation or water damage restoration, call Top Gun Restoration at (719) 572-5130.

Contact Info:
Name: Rod Cruce
Organization: Top Gun Restoration
Address: 5925 Paonia Ct, Colorado Springs, CO 80915, United States
Phone: +1-719-722-2807

Source: PressCable

Release ID: 505569

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