1 killed, 2 wounded in explosion in Nepal's capital

KATHMANDU, Nepal — An explosion outside a telecommunication company in Nepal's capital killed one person and injured two others, police official said Saturday.

The victims Friday night were passing by the main entrance of the Ncell mobile network operator company on the southern edge of Kathmandu when the blast occurred, Nepal Police spokesman Uttam Raj Subedi said.

The man who was killed, whose name police officials have not released, lost both feet in the blast and died from excessive bleeding.

Subedi said the two people who were injured remained in the hospital in stable condition.

The explosion shook the neighborhood and shattered windows in nearby buildings.

Subedi said police have detained six people for questioning. No one has claimed responsibility.

The company is mostly owned by Malaysia-based Axiata Group Berhad.

It is one of the two biggest mobile network companies in Nepal and is also battling court cases on alleged failure to pay taxes.

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