A Story You Wished was Yours

Nov 13, 2019

Danish Malik

Mumbai, 14 November 2019

As human beings, we are born dreaming of reaching somewhere far from our reality. We envisage traveling to places unseen, explore the unearthed, and live the unheard. There’s a world of imagination in our heads where we would rather live, till we are pulled back to our chaotic and mundane lives— our actualities. Yet, we are always looking for an escape. Reading about a fictional world, listening to abstract music, gathering education — these are all building blocks of an escape route, in the making. But again, reality hits hard when you understand that being a plain graduate at academics is just not sufficient, and you have to struggle more to fly high above the clouds.

There are always some visionaries who take an extra step to break all the prejudices. Meet Danish Malik, Founder and Managing Director of Boomlet Media, a successful young entrepreneur with an ordinary graduation degree in finance from Vivek College of Commerce, Mumbai. However, this story stretches much beyond a ‘young entrepreneur turned millionaire.’ He owes his prosperity to his unique vision and exemplary approach towards the market, rather than to his degree.

It was the era of digital computer games, and most teenagers were captivated by Need for Speed, Counter Strike, and GTA etc. Back then, Malik started acing the business-based strategic games like Ages of Empire, Tycoon and Monopoly games. It was through his exposure to various strategies in action that he realized the importance of busting the cliché. Truly, everyone around you is prying at the same opportunity that you are, and so, you must have a unique approach to grab the deal from their grasps.

As this little strategic player grew up and graduated, his first break was as a Mortgage Underwriter for Barclays, UK. From there, he shifted to TCS as a part of the Citi Personal Wealth Management team. Throughout his professional career as an employee, he kept his priorities straight and opted for night shifts to utilize his day time tactfully. He was training and gearing up for the ultimate beginning of his entrepreneurial journey, with every learning he could take from his full-time job at the corporate sector contributing towards crucial know-how of his upcoming ventures.

Danish Malik, Founder and Managing Director of Boomlet Media

Slowly, he started taking up freelance projects and tapped on huge clientele as the likes of Colors TV, Department of Information and Public Relations Rajasthan Govt, Godrej, Margaret Dabs London, and so on. These industry stalwarts polished his understanding of the market, and as every learning pays off, he got a job in the country’s largest Public Relations Company AdfactorsPR. His promotional and crisis management communication campaigns and strategies brought the great execution results to sectors he served including Banking, FMCG and Airways industries.

Coalescing all that he had learned over the years, Malik started the Boomlet Media in year November 2017. Having started with just one intern, this mighty workforce is strong by 21 employees today. In the little span of around two years, Boomlet has established ongoing businesses with conglomerates such as Dentsu Aegis Network, Ogilvy, Group M, Network 18 and Madison India, to name a few.

At present, Boomlet Media is at a boost, managing three main centers in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, with a network of over 12,000+ influencers across the country from all major categories and digital platforms. Its constant endeavour towards perfection has resulted in a million-dollar turnover in the last 18 months.

The story of Danish Malik not only invigorates us to walk towards phoenix but also retain our focus on the bull’s eye, no matter how far-fetched it seems from our current reality. Now when Malik glances back at his journey, the sleepless nights seem to have paid off.

He saw a dream to change the business world with his strategic approach, and as he stands as a winner today, the real victory is of hard work, continuous endurance, and a systematic plan to success. Danish Malik’s story showcases how you can stand out despite hailing from a rather ordinary place, as the only underlying factors that make a difference are how innately are you unparalleled in your vision and how mountainous is your game plan built.

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