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Jan 21, 2020

Mining cryptocurrency at home is not a good idea as mining equipment makes a lot of noise. To operate properly, any mining rig needs special environment and some conditions such as uninterrupted electric supply, climate control and stable broadband Internet connection. It is apparent that home-based mining could make some difficulties due to poor cooling and connectivity.

Mining Collocation: Definition

Mining colocation is a cost-effective service which includes hosting mining rigs at a special high density data center facility. Such data centers can accommodate the mining equipment and supply all the necessary conditions. Basically, the miner rents a space with the live environment.

This is a great solution for all the miners, who want to optimize performance and operation of their mining machines to the maximum.

Advantages of the Mining Collocation Service

There are a lot of good points such a service can provide:

Transparent billing of electric energy consumption.

Remote access.

24/7 Technical support.

Technical expertise with all kinds of miners.

The most favorable mining temperature at the professional datacenter.

Individual approach based on your personal requirements.

Comfortable and safe operation due to oversized power supply.

How to Choose the Mining Collocation Service?

The following criteria can be used in order to select the collocation company:

Good reputation

Various payment methods: credit cards, cash, bitcoins and more.

Good power supply and Network connection.

Generally speaking, using mining colocation service may entail some costs, but such expenses can be recovered after all. It would be much more profitable to place the equipment with professionals who can provide its most effective operation and, thus, good income for the miners.

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