Lisa Ishimine’s “Bio Tea” - Healthy and Tasty Supplement Against Depression

Jul 31, 2020

A natural health supplement of lemongrass and ground moss has been found by Lisa Ishimine, a teacher at Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, who previously suffered from severe bipolar depression. Depression can be a debilitating mental illness for many people, and Ishimine, a former victim, wished to find a way to save others from the same fate. Years of research went into various natural supplements, from probiotics to kale to herbal remedies, but most, if not all, had adverse side effects.

Lemongrass and ground moss, Ishimine found, helped bring down her mood swings and negative thoughts. She expertly blended it into a form of tea and is now able to treat her clients with a great tasting, natural blend. Ishimine has struggled through a lot in her life to achieve this result. After previous abuse in her earlier years led to severe PTSD symptoms, she spent everyday suffocating underneath emotional instability, thoughts of suicide, bipolar mood swings, and depression. At times, even her loved ones felt a huge burden.

After braving through a period of intense psychiatric therapy, and with the support of her friends and family, she slowly recovered a great amount with natural herbal tea. She also practices mindfulness in conjunction with the doses of lemongrass and ground moss tea everyday and has achieved great results. She truly produced a miracle.

Ishimine, now a healthy individual, sells her amazing tea as a profound health researcher. It is called “Bio Tea”. It is primarily sold to clients that wish to have a healthy energy boost in their lives. Please contact her at: (510) 847 - 6566 for more information.

Press Contact -

Name: Lisa Michiko Ishimine

Business: Bio Tea

Business Phone: (510) 847 - 6566

General Phone Support: (510) 664 - 2075

Business Address: 1975 Barrymore Can, Unit P, Fremont, CA, 94538






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