Skypod Donates $1 Million in Credits to First Responders and their Patients Amid Global COVID-19 Crisis

Apr 28, 2020

Skypod’s innovative platform empowers people to share messages in the form of photos, videos and other files with loved ones on a specific date in the future. Messages delivered on your terms, even if you might not be there to deliver them in person.

Los Angeles, Apr 29, 2020 ( - During a time of unprecedented uncertainty, Skypod is doing its part by donating up to $1 million in credits to first responders including police, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and their patients. The time-released videos and photos are a way for those facing the challenges ahead to ensure their loved ones will receive personal messages no matter what happens amid the global COVID-19 crisis. 

Skypod's cloud-based platform allows users to record and upload personal videos, photos and other digital files to be delivered to one or more recipients immediately, then made viewable on specific dates in the future. A safe, secure, digital time capsule that can deliver memories and messages to your loved ones both during and the afterlife. 

Skypod is offering the free credits exclusively to essential frontline workers and their patients affected by the coronavirus who want to stay connected to their loved ones. It's the company's way of giving back and offering hope to the dedicated men and women who are putting their lives on the line every day, and providing some peace of mind that their loved ones will hear from them. 

"We wanted to do our part by being there for the brave men and women who are risking their lives to keep families together, including their patients in the hospital," said Skypod Founder and CEO Richard Jardine. "People need compassion and a sense of relief during these uncertain times. My co-founders and I are proud to offer $1 million in credits for frontline workers and their patients as our contribution in the fight against COVID-19. We want to ensure precious messages and memories are shared, especially during these difficult times. "

Skypod was inspired by the many routine flights Jardine has taken over the years, looking out above the clouds and wondering "What if today was my last day? What would happen to my family, my friends? How would I be remembered? I have so many life lessons, stories and memories to share with loved ones." From there, the idea struck him to create a cloud platform that could store all the "things that matter" and make them "viewable" on specific times and dates in the future. This way he would never risk missing a birthday, holiday or special occasion. 

The platform offers users multiple size options with flexible delivery dates and times suited for each user's needs. The encrypted digital time capsules are safe, secure messages that are delivered immediately and made "viewable" on a later time and date. It is ideal for users who may want to share a video message on a momentous occasion, such as birthdays, holidays and anniversaries, or to leave behind some words of wisdom.

Up to 20,000 first responders, healthcare workers and their patients may sign up at to receive their free credits.  No credit card information will be needed, and they may use their credits within one year. Skypod can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Visit Skypod at for more information. 

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Skypod is an information technology company founded in 2014. Skypod allows users to store messages, moments, photos and videos in an encrypted digital time capsule that can be delivered to your loved ones both during and the afterlife. Offices in Los Angeles and Miami. 

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