Trips for Internationals to Celebrate the Upcoming Spring Festival in Qingdao Successfully Concluded

Jan 21, 2020

Trips for Internationals to Celebrate the Upcoming Spring Festival in Qingdao, sponsored by Qingdao Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, was organized from January 4 to 16.

Qingdao, China - January 21, 2020 /MarketersMedia/ —

Trips for Internationals to Celebrate the Upcoming Spring Festival in Qingdao, sponsored by Qingdao Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, was organized from January 4 to 16. About 40 international friends from 10 plus countries including some SCO countries, European countries, US, Japan, and South Korea were joined by 20 Chinese families to fully experience the traditional local culture and Spring Festival folk customs in Qingdao.

They had a thorough tour of discovery around the city during the past 13 days. Both foreign and Chinese visitors were amazed at the unique culture and architecture of Qingdao, as well as the fashion and lifestyle in this city. Participants were impressed by the historic charm of Zhongshan Road, the authentic Spring Festival celebration scenes at the site of Jimo Ancient City, and the thriving commercial prosperity in modern shopping malls.

In the past, we only invited foreigners to celebrate the Spring Festival, however, this time we have invited foreigners to join the activity together with some Chinese friends, exchanging views on different cultures, and visiting some Chinese families to deeply feel the Spring Festival atmosphere. The activity also included a special international culture salon, asking about people’s advice and suggestions on the fashion tour and winter in-depth tour in Qingdao.

Qingdao, known as the world’s capital of seafood, presented its exceptional cuisine to our visitors. They tasted the most authentic and fresh beer at Tsingtao Beer Museum, and cooked and enjoyed local delicacies such as snappers, octopuses, scallops, shrimps, Jiaozhou Chinese cabbage, etc.

The genuine Jiaodong Culture and unique local folk customs gave visitors a brand new exciting experience. Hands-on interactions also allowed vivid international cultural exchanges.

Participants learned to wear the Han costumes, practice the Han etiquette and draw masks at Laoshan Mountain Academy. They visited the Confucian Temple and the Temple of the God of Wealth in Jimo Ancient City, made stone rubbing in Langyatai Scenic Area, danced local Yangko in Jiaozhou, performed a local wooden puppet show in Laixi, appreciated woodcut New Year painting, clay sculpture, paper-cutting and dough figurine making in Pingdu, etc. Stunned by these amazing traditional arts and crafts, they just couldn’t stop wowing and thumbing up.

Six classic routes for foreign friends to tour Qingdao and experience the Chinese New Year and one special route for foodies to enjoy local cuisine were selected. They were also candidate routes for the Friendly Shandong Spring Festival Tour.

Thanks to the activity, both Chinese and foreign tourists have had a better understanding of different cultures and had greater respect for their differences.

Through seven “Tours to Have a Deep Understanding of Traditional Folk Culture”, the activity this time has built a platform and channel for domestic and foreign tourists to visit Qingdao scenic areas, experienced the folk culture, and communicated with each other; many cultural tourism projects have taken this opportunity to learn more about the tourism preference of international tourists. The activity has attracted more potential customer groups for cultural tourism in Qingdao, provided solutions to solve the problem of slack season for tourism, and promoted the initiative of developing Qingdao into an international fashionable city through media distribution and word of mouth.

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